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good lupin’ is a design concept created for IKEA, and their LUPIN blind.

My brief was to transform LUPIN, but my final concept allows everyone to transform it also!


By following a few simple steps you can convert the otherwise anonymous blind into an attractive sculpture – it’s a dynamic way of constructing a sculptural object, and it enables you to create an entirely unique and beautiful sculpture for yourself.

The IKEA business idea is to offer good design at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford it. One way to ensure lower prices is by letting customers do part of the job (like assembly). good lupin’ is not only based on IKEA’s concept of leaving construction up to the customer, but even invites you to partake in the creation of contemporary art and affect the visual expression of the end product.



•     open the packet

     clip the cords and remove each slat

•    break each slat at both ends


•    thread the broken ends into the existing holes in the slats



Now let creativity work it’s wonders…

AND, don’t forget to submit a picture of your accomplishments with good lupin’ to be featured in our online gallery!



•     Use scissors to cut each end to suitable sizes for threading in the existing holes

•     Hang from the included cords

•     Stand it on the ground

•     Suspend it between objects or furniture